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Lip Filler Enhancement

Discover the power of Lip Filler enhancements and transform your smile effortlessly. Achieve a plump, natural look that complements your features meticulously crafted with premium dermal fillers.

Lip Filler Portfolio

Meet Our Practitioner

Karan Briah
MPharm, PGCert

Clinical Pharmacist Prescriber

Aesthetics Practitioner

I completed the award winning Derma Medical Academy's lip filler masterclass and love performing natural lip filler enhancements

Aesthetic Practitioner Karan Briah
Beautiful professional clinic. Karan did an amazing job, he gave me a very subtle natural look. He put me at ease due to being anxious. Would highly recommend him to anyone and everyone. Will definately be back again. Thank you


Private & Confidential

Coventry Aesthetics Clinic

Enjoy absolute privacy and confidentiality at our Coventry aesthetics clinic nestled in a residential area, complete with complimentary parking.

Designed for an exclusive one-on-one experience, there's no waiting room—simply walk right in for your scheduled appointment

coventry aesthetics clinic

Lip Fillers


All About Lip Fillers

Lip enhancement is a personalised procedure where we skilfully apply the ideal density and quantity of filler, tailored to your unique lip needs. This versatile treatment corrects thin or imbalanced lips and restores lost lip definition, harmonising seamlessly with your facial features.

Our lip filler aim

The goal is to achieve a subtle, natural yet enhanced result.

Our dermal filler choice

Our lip filler treatment employs high-grade premium density branded dermal filler sourced from the Teoxane and Juvederm range.

Premium dermal fillers are instrumental in providing quality results to lip volume, definition, and hydration

Our approach

Our meticulous approach considers every aspect of the lips, including the philtrum column, cupid’s bow, vermillion border, tubercles, and oral commissures. Advanced techniques like linear threading, fanning, and boluses, guided by an understanding of golden ratios, ensure precise and desired lip enhancement.

Unlike conventional measurements, we don't limit our lip filler treatments to fixed volumes like 0.5mL or 1mL. Instead at Midland, we treat your lips holistically, utilising what's necessary for an overall enhancement. We champion natural results and view your lip filler journey as an ongoing partnership, consistently adapting our approach to meet your evolving desires.


On treatment day, we prioritise your comfort with lip sterilization and anesthesia, including lidocaine for numbing. The procedure takes 15 to 30 minutes, involving multiple injections in various lip areas.

Post Treatment

Expect temporary inflammation, including swelling and potential bruising, which may last up to 2 weeks. Downtime required to ensure complete healing and minimising any post-treatment inflammation. Gently applying ice can help alleviate swelling.


Witness the full effect within 2 weeks. Enjoy your enhanced lips for up to 6 months as the filler gently degrades, allowing your lips to gracefully return to their natural state.


Nurture your newly enhanced lips by avoiding the following for at least 24 hours: Alcohol, smoking, strenuous exercise, direct heat to the treated area and massage or pressure to the treated area


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