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Work With Us

Whether you want to partner up and refer clients to gain commission or be one of our models to gain discounted treatments - get in touch!

Interested in referring patients to us?

Be our affiliate

Are you a salon or individual that would like to work with us to refer patients for aesthetic treatments?


We are always looking to collaborate with salons or individuals to help grow and provide more aesthetic treatments to patients.


We work with salons to provide treatment days at your salon location as well take referrals to have treatments at our clinic.


Please contact us with information on how you would like to work with us.


We look forward to hearing from you

Interested in discounted treatments?

Be our model

Are you happy to have photos or videos whilst having aesthetic treatments?


We are always looking to work with patients who don’t mind their videos or photos being taken whilst having treatments for our social media use or training purposes.


We offer all models a discount for their treatment.


To be one of our models please register your interest


Please kindly note by registering your interest does not always mean we will offer you the treatment desired. A full consultation will be necessary to ensure you are eligible for the treatment. We hold the right to choose candidates for model prices and treatment depending on our needs at the time.

A woman getting filler injection
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