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Introducing the Magic of PRP Hair Loss Treatment

prp hair loss treatment

Harnesses the power of your body's natural plasma growth factors to activate hair restoration at a cellular level by entering the revolutionary world of Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) for hair loss treatment.

Promising PRP Hair Loss Results

In recent years, numerous research trials have demonstrated promising results for PRP for hair loss compared to saline placebos. The benefits include increased hair growth, higher hair follicle count, improved hair density, enhanced hair health, and a noticeable reduction in hair loss or slowed down hair thinning.

The PRP Hair Loss Treatment Process

PRP hair loss treatment process involves drawing a small amount of your blood and placing it into a centrifuge machine at specific settings to harvest PRP. The end result comprises red and white blood cells at the bottom, the 'liquid gold' platelet rich plasm (PRP) in the middle and a small amount of platelet-poor plasma at the top. We extract the PRP middle layer and utilise this liquid gold containing activated growth factors for intricate injections into the scalp. We utilise various techniques such as mesotherapy, boluses, linear threads with a combination of needles, including a mesotherapy-specific 4mm needle, a standard 1.5-inch needle, and a microneedling pen.

PRP Treatment Regimen

For optimal results, we recommend a series of 3-4 PRP treatment sessions spaced out one month apart, followed by maintenance sessions every six to twelve months. Visible improvements, including increased hair follicles, denser hair, and reduced hair loss, can often be observed after just three months.

PRP Aftercare Instructions

Maintaining a sterile environment post-treatment is crucial to limit the risk of infection. For the initial 24 hours, avoid covering your hair with hats or clothing and refrain from washing your hair for 12-24 hours to allow the plasma to work its magic.

PRP Hair Loss Treatment Eligibility Criteria

PRP treatment may not be suitable for everyone. Those taking certain medications, such as steroids or immunosuppressants, may experience lower plasma quality. We advise against using anti-inflammatory drugs before treatment and recommend abstaining from alcohol and smoking, as these can affect the quality of plasma. Individuals with unstable medical conditions, active infections, or flare-ups of conditions like eczema or psoriasis should undergo a full consultation to ensure they are suitable candidates.

Does PRP Hair Loss Treatment Really Work?

The hype surrounding PRP as "liquid gold" for hair restoration is indeed real. Early trials and numerous success stories in our clinic attest to its effectiveness. We encourage you to unlock the magic within yourself, harness your body's natural power, and embark on a journey to enhance your scalp's health and achieve better hair quality. Experience the transformative effects of PRP and witness the remarkable before-and-after results for yourself


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